The Grandson

  • Original title:
    Az unoka
  • Genre:
    thriller, drama
  • Production year:
  • Format:
  • Runtime:
    116 min
  • Language:
  • Director:
    Kristóf Deák
  • Cast:
    Blahó Gergely, Jordán Tamás, Jászberényi Gábor, Pogány Judit, Döbrösi Laura, Bárdos Judit, Papp János
  • Producer:
    Tamás S. Zákonyi


Rudi, a polite and quiet office hand, shares a special bond with his elderly grandpa. When Grandpa falls victim to a uniquely heartless phone scam that breaks his spirit and his health, Rudi decides hes not going to let the petty criminals get away with it. But in order to get close to them, he needs to step far out of his comfort zone and turn into a different person. With a band of grey-haired allies on his side, he might just get to the scammers before its too late…

Based on true stories of ‘the grandparent scam’, a type of elder fraud spreading like wildfire out of Eastern Europe, Kristof Deák’s theatrical debut features a cast of 18 to 94 year-olds. A tale connecting generations, The Grandson is equal parts drama, vengeance story, crime thriller and dark comedy.