The game

  • Original title:
    A játszma
  • Genre:
  • Production year:
  • Format:
  • Runtime:
    110 min
  • Language:
  • Director:
    Péter Fazakas
  • Cast:
    Zsolt Nagy, János Kulka, Viktória Staub, Gabriella Hámori, Péter Scherer
  • Producer:
    Tamás Lajos


1963, Budapest. Counter-intelligence officer András Jung (Zsolt Nagy) lives a perfect life: he is happily married to Éva (Gabriella Hámori), and the only obstacle between him and his desired promotion is a competitive colleague, Kulcsár (Péter Scherer). When the legendary spy, Pál Markó returns in connection with an unresolved case, twist comes after twist, and so begins a ruthless battle where no one and nothing is what they seem to be, and a single human gesture can cost your life.