• Original title:
  • Genre:
    family film
  • Production year:
  • Format:
  • Runtime:
    92 min
  • Language:
  • Director:
    Róbert Pejó
  • Cast:
    Zsolt Trill, Tamás Keresztes, László Szacsvay
  • Producer:
    László Kántor


Inspired by true events, Paw is a story about a rescue dog and his equally gifted trainer, who together overcome both internal and external obstacles to achieve international fame, success, and fulfillment. Zoli, a tram engineer, comes to see the curative role his volunteer rescue work plays in his desire to help others. Paw’s gift for search and rescue work, under the gifted guidance of Zoli’s training, brings them both to the calling and accomplishments that will define them both: as a rescue team. Zoli’s further challenge is to open his heart to Eszter, whom he loves, but almost loses. Paw is not an action-driven film; it is a sweet, emotional striptease by ordinary people who achieve heroic levels, day by day. The use of brief animated sequences gives the film a light, humorous and other-worldly touch.


2016 - Oulu Int'l Children's and Youth FF (Finland) - Starboy Prize (best childen feature film)

2016 Children KinoFest (Ukraine) - Best Film Award

2015 Bucharest KINOdiseea (Romania) - Children Jury Award

2015 Chemnitz SCHLINGEL - Main Prize